What will your freedom story be?

“Freedom is about having choices… Choices to do what you want, when you want, with those you love”

~ Anna Lozano, #TheFreedomProject Co-Founder

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The Freedom Project Founders. Blissfully married. Entrepreneurs. Mentors. Need we say more?

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Welcome to The Freedom Project!

Giving Back is our Core Purpose!

We are ridiculously excited to have created this space for you! A virtual hub where we can support your freedom journey and also contribute to heart melting causes around the globe together!

We started out as Corporate Professionals and quickly realized that living a fulfilled and purpose driven life wasn’t going to happen climbing the corporate ladder. In 2010 we said YES to Entrepreneurship and started a Network Marketing business part-time which has turned into a multiple 6-figure residual income empire allowing us to start other ventures, like Join The Freedom Project, with its core purpose of giving back, serving others and promoting social entrepreneurs.

We created this space for you to be inspired to design your freedom lifestyle while making a contribution.

Enjoy it! Share it! Live it!

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You’re highly ambitious, passionate, and inspired to have a huge impact on the world but looking to learn from those who have done it before you?

We’ve created Freedom Talk  – a video series where you can learn from successful social entrepreneurs and how they started their freedom journeys.

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Freedom Funds allows us to contribute together!

By wearing your #TheFreedomProject shirt you are supporting social entrepreneurship and you’re giving back to heart melting causes around the globe!

Because together we can make a difference.

Yup, you read it correctly! We are giving away thousands of dollars each year from the sales of #TheFreedomProject shirts!

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Freedom means being in the drivers seat of your life and being fully empowered to spend your days creating greatness. Leanne Jacobs


Freedom means living a life you love!

Kate Northrup Watts & Mike Watts


Waking up everyday, doing what I love and being surrounded by people who inspire me and add value to my life. Jen Groover


Freedom Footsteps. Our global initiative efforts