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With your support and kind hearts, we’ve already gifted thousands of dollars…

June 2015 – 3rd Gift of #FreedomFunds (Collaboration with Natalie MacNeil)


Screenshot (38)June 2015 we collaborated with Natalie MacNeil of She Takes On The World to raise funds for The Conquer Academy in Tanzania. The Conquer Academy provides quality education to children in one of the economically poorest parts of the world. Many of the children have been through hardships that are unfathomable for most of us, yet they show up at school every day with smiles on their faces, so eager to learn. One of the next issues we need to tackle at the school is ensuring every student is nourished with healthy food each day. If a child is malnourished in those early stages of their development, the list of long term effects is long. The only way we can ensure adequate nutrition is by feeding the students while they are in our care at school.

The money raised from the Freedom Funds June campaign was donated towards creating a sustainable food program at the school. This sustainable food program will include creating a large vegetable garden, growing maize crop, and purchasing chickens for eggs. In addition to feeding the children nourishing foods, the food program will provide local employment opportunities in an area where the unemployment rate is astronomical.

If you’re interested in supporting the sustainable food program at the Conquer Academy in Tanzania, please purchase your shirt here:

March 2015 – 2nd Gift of #FreedomFunds


 With funds from the sales of #TheFreedomProject shirts since January 1, 2015 {thank you to everyone who’s wearing their shirt}, 15 gracious volunteers, nutritious recipe creations by Naturally Nora {Spiralized Spring Salad & Fiesta Bean Salad} + Marni Wasserman {Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad}, organic ingredients from Vibrant Lifestyle, and magnificent giving energy, we hosted and created a delicious vegan dinner for 65 families (130 people) who’s children are going through treatment at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.

Many of the children are at Sick Kids Hospital because of a cancer, a heart condition or awaiting a transplant, for an indefinite period of time. The Ronald McDonald House allows the parents to have a place where they can sleep, eat, do laundry and the children have space to play and be kids {its a home away from home}. I had a heart-warming conversation with the Syme family from Pickering, who’s youngest out of 4 kids, 3.5 year old Evynn was born with HLHS {Hypoplsatic left heart syndrome} and is awaiting a heart transplant. Their strength and positivity was incredibly inspiring. Sending love to all of the families!

December 2014 – The 1st Gift of #FreedomFunds

NateWe left the McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton Ontario feeling overwhelmed with emotions as we spent time with little (super adorable) Nate the Great, who was diagnosed with leukemia a few weeks ago at the age of 2.5. As this will be a 2 year treatment process, his parents sold their house, quit their jobs and are looking to rent a place close by to the hospital. Over the Holidays they slept in his hospital room taking turns cuddling next to Nate on his bed.

Through your #TheFreedomProject shirt purchases we were able to surprise the Van Berkum family with a cheque. With everyone’s positive thoughts, prayers and soul-filled vibes, Nate is now in remission soon {updated March 2015}!

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